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Hesketh Wines is the exclusive wine poured, tasted and enjoyed at Grunthal Brew. They are our wine brand partner and we've found a great synergy between our approach to food, Adelaide Hills wine, craft beer and life in general. 

Sixty odd years is not necessarily a long time in the wine industry. But as the Heskeths have pointed out; ‘It’s not how old you are, but the miles you’ve done'. Eat well, drink well, have fun!

The Hesketh Wine Company is a small, family owned producer of high quality, yet accessible wines. We work with our own growers and process our own wines like traditional wineries. But rather than attempt to be all things to all people from one region, our approach is to remain focused on the individual strengths of different South Australian growing regions.

The Hesketh family have been involved in the wine industry for nearly 60 years but only established the Hesketh Wine Company in 2006 with the brand becoming synonymous with clarity (typical of region and clear varietal expression), value (a level of sophistication beyond the selling prices) and style (an abundance of flavour, with elegance).

Since establishing their company the Hesketh family has become the custodian of six premium South Australian wine estates providing Hesketh Wines with benchmark fruit sourcing options in each region, as well as an incredibly experienced winemaking team.

You can experience five Hesketh Wine Flights with us in the Adelaide Hills, one which features only Adelaide Hills wines, and one which is all white, all red, emerging varieties and a premium selection. The cost of your wine flight can be redeemed upon Hesketh Wine online purchase. Book your wine flight here.

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