Grünthal Gin

We've pulled together three Gins for our tasting experience at Grünthal.

Sheree had so much fun working with our offsite distiller to create Grünthal gins that are drinkable, delicious and fun culminating in a Grünthal Classic Gin, Grünthal Hot Pink Gin and Grünthal Botanical Blue Gin.

Get into a Gin Experience and try all three of our gins which matching garnishes served with tonic and ice for $22.90 pick your favourite have it in a Gin and Tonic; follow it up with a fun Gin Cocktail; then buy a bottle to repeat all over again at home.


All hail the juniperus communis…or what most of us happily know as the juniper berry! The canny monks of France liked what this dominant flavour added to their medicinal potions and named it genièvre after the berry. The Dutch culled a letter (genever) and, forever given to brevity, the English settled on good old gin.

Our hand-crafted Classic Dry has seven other botanicals, among them coriander and angelica root, joining the juniper to create an invitingly mild bitterness. 

That’s where the angelic ends, as this double distilled drop celebrates fun and frivolity.

Best savoured over ice and a generous splash of tonic, its finishing touches are said to be slices of fresh or dried lime.

We’d argue, though, that the cherry on top, figuratively speaking, is a glorious gathering of family and friends…


Born in the lush green – and sometimes steamy – valley of Grunthal, this evocative Hot Pink Gin is anything but sultry.

Taking its striking pink shade from the intensely pigmented black carrot (daucas carota), it’s a pretty looking – and pretty fine drinking – creation that’s sure to lure you in with its captivating looks and taste.

Fear not. Indeed, consider yourself lucky as you’re about to experience a symphony of spice sensations, the signature juniper punch fused with the stimulating flavours of another 11 botanicals including mandarin, lemon myrtle and, of course, a rather lavish pinch of fun.

The double distilled Hot Pink Gin is best enjoyed over ice with your favourite tonic.

And if you’d like to bring the romantic out in you, why not garnish your handiwork with a few slices of fresh or dried strawberries…


Many consider it the work of a magician – and we’re happy to play along, so long as word doesn’t make it to our head distiller as he’s likely to ask for a hefty pay rise.

We’re talking about our superbly hand-crafted and double distilled Botanical Blue Gin, a masterpiece coloured by the vibrancy of the intense blue butterfly pea flower (clitoria ternatea) and infused with 11 botanicals such as cassia and orange peel.

Now for the magic…

As the ice softly bounces off the base of the glass, the gin settles in and the tonic flows, you’ll witness a synergy of magic and science in a spectacle of changing colour.

Add slices of fresh or dried orange to intensify the flavour, sit back and savour the humungous joy you’ll experience when chilling out with our Botanical Blue Gin…