Grünthal Brew is the official eBEER™ HQ!

eBEER™ is a game-changing creation created by Sheree & Saul Sullivan, also the founders of Grünthal Brew.

eBEER™ is the world's first enhanced beer, a supercharged lager made with eBrewing technology, resulting in lower carbs and a flavour explosion.

Head to the eBEER™ website where you can find heaps of info - or just head to Grünthal Brew and drink it off tap, take it away in cans, or try our eBEER™ Aperol Spritz!

Words From The Creators

“Saul and I have always done life together - business and babies! We push each other to think outside the square and to do things to the very best of our ability. When one of us says that can't be done, the other questions 'Why Not?'. eBEER™ has been a massive journey to date and we reallly hope you'll jump in and join us.”

– Sheree Sullivan

“I was getting bored with the blandness of typical low carb beers on offer. One day while at the gym taking a bathroom break between sets - I had an epiphany! I was listening to a commercial that spoke about superior tyres being manufactured specifically for e-vehicles. The light bulb turned on and I set about discovering how e-technologies could be used to revolutionise the beer making process to ensure that flavour wasn’t lost when carbs were lowered.”

– Saul Sullivan

eBeer pouring a beer at the HQ Grunthal Brew
Sheree and Saul opening eBeers
eBeers - lower carb beer